Qualities of a Commercial HVAC Technician

Commercial HVAC technicians that are part of one of New Jersey’s four trade unions all have the same core values.

Commercial HVAC technicians that are part of one of New Jersey’s four trade unions all have the same core values. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an organization and union members all share these common traits, whether they are in the same town, the same state, nationwide or even international.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are integral parts of every commercial building. Many establishments also have industrial refrigeration needs. Well-maintained, properly serviced HVAC and refrigeration are essential to the comfort and safety of building occupants and quality of products and services they produce.

Industrial HVAC technicians need to be accountable, first and foremost. This means doing what they say they are going to do in a timely manner and getting the job done right the first time on budget. Being accountable also means that apprentices, or students who are in the field earning while they learn, know they need to rely on their instructors and journeymen mentors for additional learning opportunities and assistance with tasks as they expand their knowledge of the craft.

As a member of one of New Jersey’s four union locals, rest assured that you will have an industry-leading education and experience that will make you one of the foremost experts in the commercial HVAC field.

The United Association’s commercial HVAC training program offered by each HVAC union consists of 9,000 hours of education, both in the classroom and hands on training for five years. In the field apprentices—or students—are paired with an experienced industrial HVAC technician known as a journeyman to gain invaluable field experience through hands-on practice of classroom learnings. During the training program, they learn about the latest technologies and safety measures in the industry, making these technicians among the most desirable for customers. This training program far exceeds any independent technical school.

The expert training program and innate trait of accountability make union HVAC technicians the most reliable experts in the field. This reliability leads to more work.

The combination of accountability, expertise and reliability leads to high-yield return on investment for customers. Trained union members deliver expert repair and maintenance in a timely manner and on budget that extends the life of industrial HVAC equipment, leading to savings for customers.

All of these qualities make union technicians the most trusted in the HVAC repair and maintenance field. This trust leads to a reputation of quality that customers look for time and time again.

Learn how to join the union and find the local nearest you.

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